Working With PT’s is a program that enables us to sponsor personal trainers across New Zealand. We are looking for and partnering with personal trainers across the country and giving them access to a program that will allow them to get supplement discounts of anywhere from 15 to 40% off (including products already on special). Personal Trainers that we believe are working well as a Muscle X partner will be able to progress through sponsorship levels and earn extra benefits such as earning store credit commision and product allocation (See table of sponsorship levels below).


NOTE: The below requirements are relevant to all sponsorship levels.

  • Personal Trainers must always strive to provide the best possible service to their clients. (If you are partnered with Muscle X the quality of your service also reflects onto us.)
  • Personal trainers must have an active presence on social media.
  • Post a minimum of once a week (story or post) relevant to Muscle X.
  • Post a Muscle X 5% discount code in your Instagram biography.


NOTE: The below benefits are relevant to all sponsorship levels.

  • Receive 15-40% off all Muscle X supplements and products.
  • Receive Team MX Packs every 6 weeks (The contents of the Team MX packs vary, they can contain anything from a few bars and samples to multiple products).
  • Access to exclusive in-house Muscle X deals that are otherwise only available to Muscle X Athletes and staff.
  • Access to exclusive in-house giveaways that are only otherwise available to Muscle X Athletes and staff.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded personal trainers looking to grow their brands as well.
  • The opportunity to earn store credit commision if we believe they are working well as a Muscle X Partner and progress to higher sponsorship levels.

After reading the personal trainer Benefits and Requirements, Personal Trainers can sign up by filling out the sign-up form below. After completing the sign-up form we will contact you via email within 14 days.