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How It Works: Simply choose what sort of caffeine tolerance you have and we'll periodically send you different pre-workouts that suit you. You'll be able to modify or cancel you subscription anytime after the 2nd Shipment.

If you select "Low Tolerance" you'll receive products between 0mg and 200mg of caffeine and if you choose "High Tolerance" you'll receive products with between 200mg and 500mg of caffeine. 

What is it: We know it can be boring using the same old pre-workout month after month and we also know it can be hard to decide on a new one... The Solution... Join the club and we'll send you a different, specially selected pre-workout every time. On top of that we guarantee you extra value, meaning what we send you will be worth more that what you paid. That could mean extra premium products or FREE merch, gifts and/or samples included.


How to figure out my caffeine tolerance? We can't say for sure whether you have a low or  high tolerance to caffeine but if you already drink a lot of beverages with caffeine (e.g. coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout etc) than it's likely you have a high tolerance to caffeine.