MusclePharm 100% Whey 5lb - Muscle X
MusclePharm 100% Whey 5lb - Muscle X
MusclePharm 100% Whey 5lb - Muscle X
MusclePharm 100% Whey 5lb - Muscle X

MusclePharm 100% Whey 5lb
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Low Fat, Sugar & Carb Premium Protein for Muscle Repair & Growth

Musclepharm 100% Whey 5lb is a Premium whey protein blend consisting of whey protein isolate & concentrate. Combat Whey is ideal for any person or athlete looking to maintain and/or build lean muscle mass whilst fuelling their bodies with what it needs to recover to the fullest. This Whey is stacked with 25 grams of high-quality protein and minimal carbs, fats, sugars and other undesirable ingredients making it a perfect option for use by any person in any application

Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies n’ Cream, Cappuccino, Strawberry

Sizes: 2lb (908g), 5lb (2.26kg)

Strengths: Great taste, easy mixing, low fat, sugar & carbs

Muscle Pharm 100% whey is a protein powder that has been scientifically engineered to contain two of the most efficient, quickest releasing and arguably the cleanest protein sources available. It contains low fat, low sugar, low carbs and is gluten-free making it a lean, clean and mean muscle building blend. This is one of our favourite products at Muscle X. It allows for the best possible formula for lean muscle growth by supplying the muscle quickly with the nutrients needed to start the protein synthesis and muscle re-building process, and also provides the muscle with a medium release protein in the form of Whey Protein Concentrate.

Who Should use Muscle Pharm combat 100% whey?

anyone who is looking for a fast acting pure protein product to help them gain lean muscle.


  • contains fast release protein to speed up muscle protein synthesis
  • helps to inhibit the breakdown of muscle
  • aids in muscle recovery
  • Gluten-Free and Casein-Free

Directions of use:

Use this product as a dietary supplement.1 Scoop of protein powder should be taken post-workout to ensure the best possible results. It can also be highly beneficial to take in the morning when you first wake up and later at night after dinner.

Mix a single scoop of protein powder with water, milk or your favourite beverage. add the amount of water that suits your desired consistency. This supplement mixes well and is great in smoothies, you could even try mixing in a 1/4 a scoop into your oats in the morning.


Muscle Pharm always endeavour to offer People with athlete quality supplements while making sure they still taste good.