Cellucor C4 Ultimate - Muscle X
Cellucor C4 Ultimate - Muscle X
Cellucor C4 Ultimate - Muscle X

Cellucor C4 Ultimate
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Cellucor C4 Ultimate is the strongest and most transparent pre workout from the company yet. Having been the biggest name in the industry for pre workouts, C4 have finally released one of their most potent products to help maximise your performance in the gym, on the field and through even the toughest of workouts. C4 Ultimate has all the ingredients you know and love from the original, but have heavily upped the dose to provide an unparalleled experience in strength, power, pump, energy and focus.

C4 Ultimate Product Highlights

  • C4’s strongest, most powerful and transparently dosed pre workout yet
  • Unparalleled and long-lasting energy and focus kick
  • Supreme strength and power performance
  • Ultra long endurance capacity
  • Dominating, freakish pumps
  • All the best, most researched ingredients including creatine, citrulline, beta-alanine, caffeine and more!

Unparalleled Pre Workout Experience

Dosed to the MAX!

Cellucor C4 Ultimate doesn’t shy away from the heavy doses. Instead, they’ve looked beyond the ingredients and examined what it requires to power optimal performance. Whether it’s including 6g of citrulline to support the greatest, most vein popping pump around to adding 3.2g of beta alanine to fight fatigue and break PB’s to providing a massive 300mg of caffeine for the most electrifying energy and focus kick you’ve ever felt; Cellucor have packed in the ingredients to make you feel like a GOD in the gym.

Comprehensive & Long Lasting Effects

Cellucor understands that the most effective trainers change their routines to avoid plateaus. As such, that same trainer might want benefits to strength and power one day, to wanting a mental energy and endurance boost the next. To cater for this, Cellucor have created a high impact supplement that was designed to support your specific needs, no matter the workout.

Heavy legs session? No problem.

Testing your 1RM? No sweat.

High-intensity cardio session? C4 Ultimate has you sorted.


Servings: 20