Weight Loss Supplements NZ

Weight loss is one of if not the leading goal that brings people as customers into the fitness industry. This is more and more prevalent in our society as we are bombarded by fast food and sedentary lifestyles that tend to include more television than nature hikes. Hey we totally get it and struggling with maintaining a healthy weight is easily one of the main concerns we hear about when we talk to customers. And it is just such a hard thing to do as our bodies are built to retain fat at all costs. This is from when our ancestors were cavemen and had little food security not knowing where their next meal was coming from.

With literally our own physiology working against us it’s no wonder people turn to supplementation using weight loss products to help maintain or work to a healthy weight. On this page you will find some awesome weight loss products to help fight the battle of the bulge.

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    APS Acetyl L-Carnitine

    APS Acetyl L-Carnitine


    Acetyl L-Carnitine or ALCAR, by APS Nutrition contains 1,000mg or Acetyl L-Carnitine per serving. This vitally important amino acid is an essential component in the body’s production of energy. In addition to its fundamental role in heart function, brain function, and muscle movement. Acetyl L-Carnitine has been suggested to play a vital role in many bodily functions.


    –          1g Acetyl L-Carnitine per serve

    –          100 Servings

    –          HPLC Verified

    –          Available sizes: 100g & 250g

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    APS Phenadrine

    APS Phenadrine


    Based on a carefully crafted unique matrix of agents, coupled with highly innovative compounds at potent doses, Phenadrine effortlessly tasks weight loss versatility to completely new levels.  With a two-in-one punch, Phenadrine fuses advanced weight loss ingredients and workout energy ingredients to the next level like no other supplement. A standard setter, Phenadrine may help you with your training and weight loss goals.


    –          45 Servings

    –          Available flavours: Rocket Popsicle, Passion Fruit


  • BPI 24/7 Burn whey protein powder NZ
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    BPI 24/7 Burn

    BPI’s 24/7 Burn is a different approach to weight loss, instead of using a lot of stimulants like traditional fat burners 24/7 Burn uses powerful natural ingredients to support weight loss and increase energy levels. It is a caffeine free, multi-nutrient supplement that is ideal for anyone who is looking for a more natural and stimulant free alternative to a fat loss supplement.


    Sizes: 90 capsules

    Flavours: Unflavoured

    Strengths: Non-stimulant, caffeine free, natural ingredients, fat loss



  • BPI B4
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    BPI B4

    BPI’s B4 is one of a kind and it’s definitely not your average weight loss or energy pill. B4 is an advanced formula that contains many unique ingredients that make up a cutting edge pre-workout supplement that will enhance your performance and help your burn fat fast. This supplement is ideal for someone looking for extra energy and focus and/or to burn and lose more fat.


    Sizes: 30 Capsules

    Flavours: Unflavoured

    Strengths: Increased energy and focus, fat loss



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    BPI Best Pre-Workout W/Keto


    May help to:

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    BPI Whey HD

    WHEY-HD is an ultra-premium Muscle Building Protein Powder. It is a great tasting Whey protein blend that contains Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. This blend contains low fat, low sugar and low carb making it a great clean and lean protein that will fill you up. WHEY- HD is known to be a very tasty and an easily mixable protein powder. Great for someone trying to gain lean muscle or lose weight.


    Sizes: 4.5lb

    Flavours: Choc Cookie, Milk & Cookies, Strawberry Cake, Vanilla Caramel

    Strengths: Good Taste, Lean protein blend, flavored primarily with natural flavour.


  • C4 Ripped
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    Cellucor C4 Ripped

    Cut Fat, not muscle, with Cellucor’s C4 Ripped that combines specific ingredients for fat loss with the energy of C4.

    C4 Ripped is formulated without the Creatine, which is essential when you want to put on size, but isn’t always ideal when you’re trying to cut down. This is the perfect pre-workout formula if you have been searching for one without the Creatine.

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    Cellucor CLK

    *A Stimulant-Free Fat Loss Supplement

    Make weight loss less complicated by adding Cellucor CLK weight loss support to your supplement stack. CLK from Cellucor supports toning and sculpting and includes a sweet Raspberry aroma, which is new for a Softgel.

    $59.95 $29.00
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    Cellucor Super HD Xtreme

    Cellucor Super HD Xtreme
    Cellucor SuperHD Xtreme is formulated to be a weight loss support product to support increased energy, appetite support and cognitive function
    Size: 30 Serve
    Avaliable Flavours: Pineapple, Peach Mango
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    COR Performance CLA

    When your goal is to lose weight and tone up while maintaining lean muscle mass, choose COR-Performance CLA. Increase the efficiency of your diet and exercise without increasing the workload.

    While CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a fatty acid found in meat and cheese, when you’re dieting you don’t always get adequate amounts of CLA through food alone. Supplementing with COR-Performance CLA provides all the benefits of this very special fatty acid without adding an abundance of calories.

    $39.95 $29.95
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    Dragon Nutraceuticals Pharmalean Precision Pen


     WHAT IS IT:

    When designing the ultimate topical anti-cellulite and firming solution, Flex and the researchers at Dragon Nutracueticals spared no expense in utilizing cutting edge ingredients to license the patented and clinically validated LIPOREDUCTYL®.

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    Dragon Nutraceuticals Pharmalean Roll-On

    Dragon Nutraceuticals PharmaLean is designed to give you that 1% improvement day after day that helps you to develop the physique that you want. This topical, easy to apply roll on lotion is designed to do one thing, break down unwanted fat under the skin creating a firmer look and assisting in your fat loss.