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    MusclePharm Combat Crunch Birthday Cake Bars

    *Grab a box of bars for $29

    Combat Crunch multi-layer protein bars are baked through a process which ensures superior taste and texture. All bars are high protein (whey isolate, milk isolate) with Low Active Carbohydrates and plenty of dietary fiber. Combat Crunch Bars are a perfect on the go treat and protein fix for any athlete or person.


    Flavours: Choc Peanut Butter, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Twist, White Choc Raspberry, Cookies n’ Cream, Birthday Cake, Choc Coconut, Smores, Chocolate Cake

    Sizes: Single Serving, Box (12 Servings)

    Strengths: Gluten free, Great taste, High Protein/Low sugar and carbs

    $49.00 $29.00
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    Sinister Labs Maple Syrup

    Sinister Labs Maple Syrup is the sugar-free, zero calorie sweetener you’ve been looking for to complement your meals and treats. Our syrup combines the classic sweet flavor that you love and crave. It’s perfect for topping pancakes, waffles!  Add the sweet maple flavor to your favorite baked goods, yogurt, ice cream, and marinades with Sinister Labs Panic Pancakes pancake syrup.

    One serving of Sinister Labs Maple Syrup is guilt free of:

    • Sugar Free
    • Zero Calories
    • No Fat
    • Gluten Free
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    Sinister Labs Sinfit Protein Cookie

    Sinister Labs Sinfit Protein Cookie in Birthday Cake, Choc Chip, Peanut Butter, or Birthday Cake. Sinful, soft baked perfection. These Cookies are mouth-wateringly good! especially as they are the perfect wee snack to replace a protein shake or as a wee treat to keep you sane when you are deep as hell in that diet life.

    • The first and only protein cookie drizzled with sweet, velvety icing. Decadence to the max
    • 20g protein per bar, gluten-free and trans-fat-free, no hydrogenated oils
    • Only 7g of sugar per cookie, just a fraction of the amount of sugar in the other protein cookies on the market
    • Swap your afternoon shake for a delicious protein-infused cookie that you can take anywhere
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    MusclePharm Combat XL Bars

    Combat Xl Protein Bars are a delicious soft-baked, high protein, calorie dense protein bar making it a perfect meal replacement/snack to meet your daily macronutrient needs. Combat Xl bars include 4 different protein sources to help keep you fuller for longer and promote better muscle growth/recovery. 


    Flavours: Choc Brownie, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter

    Sizes: Single Serving, Box (12 Servings)

    Strengths: Filling, Great Taste, 390 Calories

    $59.00 $19.00
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    ProSupps MyCookie

    ProSupps My Cookie Protein Cookie is a gluten-free, absolutely delicious addition to your “on-the-go” active lifestyle.

    MyCookie™… you can FINALLY have your cake and eat it too! MyCookie™ is a gluten-free, absolutely delicious addition to your “on-the-go” active lifestyle. Whether you are running on the treadmill or running through the airport, MyCookie™ will be with you, every step of the way!

    • Gluten-Free+
    • No Hydrogenated Oils+
    • No Trans Fat+
    • 18g of Protein
    $49.00 $14.95
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    Sinister Labs Panic Pancakes

    Fuel your day from start to finish with Sinister Labs Panic Pancake Mixes.

    These high protein pancake mixes will amp up your breakfast with a power-packed punch of protein, or sub them into your pre- and post-workout nutrition routine for a fun alternative to protein bars and powders.

    Sinister Labs Panic Protein Pancakes come in three delicious flavours to suit all palettes and preferences: Buttermilk Blaze, Banana Blitz and Chocolate rage. Serve them up with eggs and bacon, top them with one of our Angry Mills™ Spreads or mix in Angry Mills™ Peanut Powders to create a muscle-building, metabolism-boosting protein treat.

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    Quest Nutrition Cookies

    Quest Nutrition Cookies 

    Sometimes you just need to have a cookie. We get it, cravings are a real struggle. That’s why we made Quest Protein Cookies: soft baked, sweet indulgences you can enjoy anytime. But you’ve read enough, reward yourself with a cookie. This cookie! Quest Protein Cookies are the perfect combo of taste and nutrition. With 15g of protein, high fibre and low sugar, these naturally sweetened cookies are guilt-free craving indulgence. Quest Protein Cookies are ready to provide health-conscious consumers a way to indulge their cookie cravings with a snack that won’t derail their on-the-go lifestyle.

    –          15g Protein

    –          <1g Sugar

    –          9g Fibre

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    ProSupps My Bar PRO

    ProSupps My Bar PRO

    Welcome to the world’s best triple-layered protein bar. ProSupps MyBar™ Pro is the next evolution of the protein bar from ProSupps – creators of the delicious original MyBar™. At 30g of high biological value protein per bar, minimal sugar, no ‘fake fibers’ and the world-class formula, MyBar™ Pro delivers the soft-baked texture and gourmet flavor you have come to expect. MyBar™ Pro is advanced nutrition to help you achieve your diet, strength and fitness goals – delivered with level-10 taste. For protein-packed performance fuel, MyBar™ Pro is your fully-loaded secret weapon.

    • 30g of Premium Protein Per Bar
    • Only 4g of Sugar; Free of Gluten & Hydrogenated Oils
    • Absolutely NO ‘Fake Fiber’ Isomaltooligosaccharides (IMOs)
    • Gourmet Flavor & Soft Baked Texture
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    Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Bar 35g –12 Box

    Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Bar 35g –12 Box

    –          High Protein

    –          Keto

    –          Low Sugar

    –          Low Carbohydrate

    –          Digestive Support

    –          Gluten Free

    –          Naturally Sweetened

    –          100% Natural

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    Vitawerx Protein White Chocolate

    Vitawerx has created the Ultimate Guilt Free, Protein White Chocolate blocks!

    •High Protein


    •Low Sugar

    •Low Carbohydrate

    •Digestive Support

    •Gluten Free

    •Paleo Friendly

    •Naturally sweetened

    •100% Natural


    You won’t eat anything else!

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    Sinister Labs SINFIT Crunch Bars

    Sinister Labs SINFIT Crunch Bars

    • High in protein with 30g per bar
    • Insanely tasty
    • Multiple layers, soft baked with a delicious coating
    • Much larger than other protein bars at 83g
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    Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps – 6pack

    Coming soon

    Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps – 6pack


    Enjoyed around the world for their delicious flavour and satisfying crunch, broad beans are a nutrition powerhouse packed with protein and fibre. Enlightened Crisps are lightly roasted in sunflower oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and seasoned to perfection.


    –          21g Protein per bag

    –          High in Fibre

    –          Gluten Free


    Snack anytime. Toss on a salad. Sprinkle in soup.


    Available Flavours – Sea Salt, Garlic Onion, BBQ, Sriracha, Cocoa Dusted, Sweet Cinnamon