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    Inner Armour Isolate

    Inner Amour Isolate Zero is an ultra-pure, highly bio-available whey protein isolate without all the added carbs, fats, and extra calories ideal for anyone who wants to build lean muscle while remaining extremely lean.

    Isolates are the purest and most refined protein sources. They are scientifically filtered to remove unwanted fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates. You’re left with a delicious zero-carb, low-calorie protein source.

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    Inner Armour Green Tea Extreme

    Green Tea Extreme is produced by carefully steaming and then immediately drying the tea leaves. This process prevents oxidation and preserves active constituents that provide a host of health benefits.

    Green Tea Extreme is a source of polyphenols, particularly the catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which provides antioxidant protection. The antioxidant activity of EGCG has been suggested to be more potent than both vitamins C and E.

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    Inner Armour Shred Factor

    Shred Factor
    Thermogenic Metabolic Amplifier

    Get Beyond Shredded

    • Clinical Strength Fat Burner*
    • Accelerates Metabolism*
    • Stimulates Fat Burning*
    • Increases Thermogenesis*
    • Promotes Fat Loss*
    • Supports Appetite Control*
    • Enhances Energy and Focus*
    • Supports Fat Utilization as Fuel*
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    Inner Armour L-Carnitine Powder

    L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps the transfer of fatty acid groups into the mitochondrial membrane for cellular energy production. It naturally occurs in red meat and other animal source foods, but it is recommended to supplement with L-Carnitine to obtain optimal levels of this excellent amino acid.*

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    Inner Armour Liquid L-Carnitine

    Studies suggest that oral carnitine may help reduce fat mass, support muscle mass, and reduce fatigue.* All of these effects may contribute to weight loss.*

    L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps the transfer of fatty acid groups into the mitochondrial membrane for cellular energy production.

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    Inner Armour Anabolic Test

    Anabolic Test is a next-generation anabolic compound! This extreme formula was created to focus in on all areas of hardcore hormonal support including:

    • Supporting Testosterone Production
    • Inhibiting Aromatase (Reducing conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen)
    • Optimizing Positive Hormonal Balance

    With the most scientifically advanced testosterone boosting ingredients on the market you know you’re getting the most hardcore anabolic formula out there! Key ingredients include:

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    Inner Armour Tribulus Elite

    Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant that has a long history of uses. People around the world have turned to Tribulus to promote overall health, encourage muscle development and support healthy libido function

    When taken on a regular basis Tribulus is an excellent source for promoting the muscle gains competitors look for. Tribulus is known for promoting healthy levels of the body’s main muscle building hormone, testosterone.

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    Inner Armour Isolate Zero

    ISOLATE ZERO – Thirst Quenching, Protein Loaded, Muscle-Building Deliciousness!

    Inner Armour has finally done the unbelievable. ISOLATE ZERO brings together superior 100% whey protein isolate in an incredibly light formula with the best taste you have ever had in a protein. It’s time to lighten up and enjoy your protein in flavors like Pink Lemonade, Piña Colada, Red Raspberry and Berry Punch.

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    Inner Armour SuperQuad

    Super Quad Protein is a scientifically advanced blend of Micro-filtered Whey Isolate, Ultra-Pure Concentrates, Micellar Casein, and Milk Protein Isolate designed to optimise protein uptake. Each protein is digested and absorbed at a different rate, allowing you body to utilise the high quality protein substrates over a period of time. Super Quad Protein is also enriched with added BCAA’s and creatine to promote lean tissue growth.

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    Inner Armour NitroPeak

    In order to be an effective athlete, one needs the ability to sustain increased force or muscular strength at higher velocities than other athletes. This can be reduced to a simple equation: power= velocity X strength. Larger muscle tissue mass can effectively generate more power because it is able to produce increased levels of force at any given velocity. For more rapid muscle building, athletes need to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. That’s why Inner Armour makes Nitro-Peak™.

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    Inner Armour Caffeine Tablets

    Grab your Inner Armour Caffeine today to support increased focus, endurance and energy.


    Inner Armour Caffeine provides a massive 200mg of Caffeine per tablet and may help to reduce fatigue, improve exercise performance and increase energy.


    Caffeine is one of the most used agents to help mobilise body fat so your body can use it as fuel, and it can also support fat burning by increasing the amount of energy you use.


    Caffeine tablets from inner armour may promote lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fats) so your body can burn it for energy, can spare glycogen (the sugar energy stores in muscle), may support maximum energy and focus and may promote increased exercise endurance and performance by utilising its maximum potency.

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    Inner Armour BCAA Peak

    BCAA-PEAK – Leucine Loaded Advanced Rapid Releasing Muscle Protein Synthesizer. BCAAs [Branched Chain Amino Aids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine)] and Glutamine have been shown in clinical studies to be the most powerful nutrients of their kind at stimulating muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle protein catabolism.

    Available Sizes: 30 Servings, 90 Servings
    Available Flavours: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Pink Lemonade