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Mass Gainers NZ

Mass Gainers are the ultimate bulking supplement. whether you have a fast metabolism and struggle to gain weight or you want to bulk up for the rugby season a Mass Gainer is the ideal supplement to bulk up. They are high-calorie blends that contain lots of protein and lots of carbs and sometimes fats. You usually go through Mass Gainers quite quickly due to their large servings , to combat this they come in large sizes often 4kg plus. We have selected the best Mass Gainers available in NZ and are proud to bring them to you to help with those hard gains.

If you are looking to produce muscle your body will generally have to be in a state of caloric surplus. Your body is unfortunately indiscriminate where it gets its fuel from and this can lead to it cannibalizing its own muscle for energy to fuel the rest of your body. Therefore if you supply your body with the right fuel and plenty of it then it will not need to break down muscle and the reverse will happen it will grow muscle. Being in a caloric surplus with the help of a mass gainer is the easiest way to build muscle quickly.