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    MuscleTech NitroTech + FREE Shaker + Shirt + Cookies

    *Grab a 4lb Nitrotech and free 700ml shaker, shirt and box of My Cookie for $84.95 

    Whey Isolate Lean Musclebuilder formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance.


    *700ml Shaker brand may vary, My Cookies flavour is random, Shirt size is XL

    $179.00 $84.95
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    Cellucor IsoPro

    Cellucor IsoPro – 1.7lb

    IsoPro is the most advanced whey protein supplement out there. IsoPro is grass-fed Native Whey that almost completely filters out the unnecessary fats found in regular Whey Protein Isolate so that you get more of the protein you need to build and replenish muscle. IsoPro is composed of 100% PRONATIV® whey protein isolate powder, made from a revolutionary cold filtration process that allows for a protein that’s all killer, no filler.

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    ProSupps Isolate P3

    ProSupps Isolate P3

    IsoP3™ was created to not only be the highest quality protein on the market today but to change the way you think about protein. Containing 25g of complete, premium isolate protein sources. IsoP3™ goes beyond ‘just’ whey protein isolate. Harnessing the power of multiple protein sources including whey protein isolate and whey hydrolysate, IsoP3™ is designed to not only ignite protein synthesis but keep amino acid levels elevated for hours, maximising your potential for growth and repair. Don’t just settle, raise the bar and expect more from your protein with the 3 isolate source IsoP3™.

    –          25g Premium 3-Isolate source/serving

    –          Promotes optimal protein synthesis and Amino Acid levels

    –          ZERO concentrate proteins, gluten, added sugars or lactose

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    APS IsoMorph

    APS IsoMorph

    IsoMorph 28 Pure Whey Isolate provides a higher amino acid profile, gram for gram, than ordinary whey protein. Protein is an imperative part of every person’s nutritional needs. Whether you’re a body builder, athlete, business professional, or student, protein is an essential component of overall health. IsoMorph 28 Pure Whey Isolate gives you a quick and economical way to increase your daily protein intake. Each serving contains a complete array of whey protein fractions, is high in Essential Amino Acids and rich in Glutamine peptides, giving you the right tools for muscle growth and preservation.


    –          28g Protein Per Serve

    –          130 Calories

    –          2lb & 5lb

    –          Available flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Cookies & Cream, Neapolitan

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    USN Zero Carb Isopro 100% Whey Isolate

    –          27g of the purest single source Whey Protein per serving

    –          100% Whey Protein Isolate with zero sugar, low carbs

    –          Rapid protein uptake

    –          Faster recovery & gains


    Size: 1.65lb

    Available Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry Bliss, Apple Pie, Wheytella

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    Inner Armour Isolate

    Inner Amour Isolate Zero is an ultra-pure, highly bio-available whey protein isolate without all the added carbs, fats, and extra calories ideal for anyone who wants to build lean muscle while remaining extremely lean.

    Isolates are the purest and most refined protein sources. They are scientifically filtered to remove unwanted fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates. You’re left with a delicious zero-carb, low-calorie protein source.

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    Inner Armour Isolate Zero

    ISOLATE ZERO – Thirst Quenching, Protein Loaded, Muscle-Building Deliciousness!

    Inner Armour has finally done the unbelievable. ISOLATE ZERO brings together superior 100% whey protein isolate in an incredibly light formula with the best taste you have ever had in a protein. It’s time to lighten up and enjoy your protein in flavors like Pink Lemonade, Piña Colada, Red Raspberry and Berry Punch.

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    Bodylogix Natural Isolate

    BodyLogix Natural Isolate Whey Protein is one of the cleanest whey proteins on the market. It is a pure whey isolate protein that contains the lowest percentage of carbs and fats and the highest percentage protein per gram out of the entire Bodylogix line. This natural protein powder is recommended for people that compete in elite sports or follow an intense training regime. This protein is also great for people who struggle with lactose products as contains less than 0.5% of lactose each serving.


    Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla

    Sizes: 2lb (908g)

    Strengths: Very Clean and Natural, low lactose, fast absorbing

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    MuscleTech NitroTech

    Whey Isolate Lean Musclebuilder formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance.

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    ProSupps Isolate

    High Performance Isolate
    PS Isolate™ a 100% pure, non-denatured, non-acid treated whey isolate with absolutely no whey concentrate, ion exchange or other cheaper forms of protein blended in. It is an easily digested pure whey isolate that quickly delivers full-spectrum amino acids into the blood thereby maximizing protein synthesis and helping reduce muscle tissue breakdown.* With 20 grams of the purest whey isolate protein available, you get a protein with the highest level of absorption and bioavailability.*!
    PS Isolate™ is a 100% pure, Triple Cold-Filtered processed whey protein isolate.

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    MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate

    Combat 100% Isolate is designed to provide you with 24 grams of fast digesting protein in every scoop. With zero fats, sugars, carbs, gluten or lactose this makes Combat Isolate one of the cleanest and highest quality forms of protein money can buy. Ultra fast absorbing protein is ideal to help ‘combat’ muscle breakdown and soreness while also increasing muscle anabolism (growth) post-workout, thus making Combat 100% Isolate one of your best choices for a great post-workout protein.


    Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla

    Sizes: 2lb (908g), 5lb (2.27kg)

    Strengths: Fast absorbing, very clean, gluten & lactose-free

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    Fitmiss Delight

    FitMiss Delight is leading the way in female fitness supplements. In a world where everything protein and pre-workout seemed to be made for men, now there is a feminine alternative for every hard-working woman out there. FitMiss Delight delivers optimal levels of protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Flavour: Chocolate, Vanilla Size: 2lb