BCAAs Amino Acids have more research that supports their use than most other supplements on the market. BCAA’s are useful for people who are trying to gain mass and especially useful for people trying to maintain muscle mass on low caloric diets making them essential for anyone wanting to keep a lean physique.

BCAA’s stimulate protein synthesis potentially even to a greater extent than a normal protein by itself. They also increase synthesis of the cellular machinery responsible for carrying out the process of protein synthesis (or protein creation).

BCAA’s also help improve your workout intensity. BCAAs compete with the amino acid tryptophan for entry into the brain, where tryptophan is converted into serotonin. Serotonin levels rise when you exercise and increase your perception of fatigue and if you’re feeling tired it will be much harder to workout.

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    CHAIN’D OUT is a comprehensive Branched Chain Amino Acid formula designed to promote muscle recovery while avoiding the bodies potential conversion to glycogen. CHAIN’D OUT provides an effective boost to calorie restrictive periods such as training, cardio, dieting and stress. The scientifically proven properties of the BCAAs in CHAIN’D OUT may help create and environment that elevates your bodies potential for enhanced recovery and new muscle growth.


    –          May Help with Energy and Mood Elevation

    –          May Improve Strength, Endurance, Stamina and Recovery

    –          30 Serve

    –          Available Flavours: Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Appletini

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    HUMAPRO is a concentrated protein matrix derived from clinically validated Essential Amino Acid ratios. A single scoop of HUMAPRO powder delivers 25 grams of whole food protein equivalence. At the same time HUMAPRO may support nutrient partitioning so the food you eat may be better utilised to repair and grow new lean muscle.


    –          One serving is 25g of Protein but Only 0.02 Calories

    –          Vegan Friendly & No – Gluten, Soy, Sugar or Lactose

    –          90 Serve

    –          Available Flavours: Exotic Peach Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry Kiwi

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    APS Beta Alanine

    APS Beta Alanine


    Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is used by muscle cells to synthesize carnosine. Carnosine functions as a buffer for acidity produced during strenuous exercise, thus helping to maintain optimum muscular pH levels. Beta-Alanine that has been clinically researched and gives nutritional support for muscles to work harder and longer during intense exercise. When Beta Alanine enters the muscle cell, it becomes what we call the “rate limiting substrate” to carnosine synthesis. By rate limiting, we mean that without Beta Alanine, carnosine does not get produced.


    –          2g Beta Alanine per serve

    –          250 Servings

  • BPI Best Amino with Energy
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    BPI Best Amino with Energy

    BPI’s Best Aminos are a great pre-workout and intra-workout amino acid formula. They offer the muscle building and anti-catabolic effects of BCAA’s, Glutamine and amino acid supplements but they also offer sustained and increased energy right throughout the workout due to the energy increasing ingredients that are utilized. Best Aminos are the ideal supplement to get you through even the most vigorous workouts.


    Sizes: 30 Servings

    Flavours: Red Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Orange

    Strengths: Sustained energy throughout the workout, helps maintain lean muscle mass.

  • BPI Best BCAA
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    BPI Best BCAA

    BCAA’s are great at helping maintain lean muscle mass and are also good as an anti-fatigue supplement. BPI’s Best BCAA’s are a high quality BCAA formula that use its own unique branched chain amino acid bond. This means that they use unique process route to create a bonded chain of amino acids which may act as a better and more efficient transport vehicle to the muscle.


    Sizes: 30 servings

    Flavours: Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Arctic Ice, Watermelon, Passionfruit

    Strengths: good anti-fatigue supplement, helps maintain lean muscle mass


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    C4 Ultimate (40 Serve) + Beta-BCAA

    ** C4 Ultimate 40 Serving (hardened) + Beta-BCAA ONLY $99 Whilst stocks last!

    Cellucor C4 Ultimate is a powerful preworkout containing clinically dosed ingredients for a hard hitting, intense workout EVERY time!

    Cellucor Beta BCAA is a performance and recovery superfuel – a 1-2 punch for those of you who want a killer workout and better recovery in one supplement.

    $129.90 $99.00
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    Cellucor Beta BCAA

    Performance and recovery are two sides of the same coin. We created Beta BCAA as a 1-2 punch for those of you who want a killer workout and better recovery in one supplement.*

    Branched Chain Amino Acids are a cornerstone supplement for beginners and fitness pros alike. They help fight muscle fatigue and muscle breakdown during a workout while also helping replenish your muscles post-workout for optimal recovery and repair.

  • Cor Performance BCAA
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    COR Performance BCAA

    Cellucor COR-Performance β-BCAA™ features BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Citrulline and HICA, which are proven to help athletes build muscle, sustain maximum output, and recover from intense training and sports activities. Beta Alanine is known for the ‘tingling’ sensation most users feel after consumption. Cellucor COR-Performance β-BCAA™ uses a clinically studied 1.6g dose of Beta Alanine to deliver maximum results and a great activation feeling that let’s you know the product is ‘kicking in.’

    The vast majority of Beta Alanine users report a slight tingling sensation after ingestion. If you don’t feel the ‘tingles’, don’t worry, the product is still hard at work to maximize your workout.

  • Dynamik Muscle L-Glutamine
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    Dynamik Muscle L-Glutamine

    Glutamine supplementation is one of the most important and beneficial things you can take as a bodybuilder or athlete. Skeletal muscle is comprised of 2/3 glutamine, making this amino acid critical to long term gains in muscle and fat loss. As we train the body becomes depleted in glutamine and as a result muscle tissue is broken down, as is our likelihood of becoming sick. Noticeable and unwanted side-effects seen in an athlete with low glutamine levels can be a loss in strength, stamina, and recovery. A person who supplements glutamine on a daily basis will begin to notice an ability to train harder, longer, and more frequently without the risk of losing muscle.

  • Dynamik Muscle Vindicate Amino Acid Formula
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    Dynamik Muscle Vindicate Amino Acid Formula

    Vindicate is your multi-purpose energy, strength, and recovery supplement. Whether you’re adding it to your water to drink throughout the day or taking it before, during, and after your workout you are insuring that your bases are covered for peak and optimal growth and recovery. Vindicate is packed with multivitamins and BCAA’s which are essential to health, muscle growth, endurance, and strength.

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    Fitmiss BCAA

    FitMiss® BCAA brings you the perfect combination of BCAAs to increase lean body mass and even aid with fat loss minerals. It supports the immune system and breast and bone health.

    Container: 130g
    One Serving: 1 Scoop (4.33g)
    Servings Per Container: 30

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    Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast

    AMINOLAST, Recovery & Endurance BCAA SuperFuel. AminoLast based on the latest cutting edge research. We’ve created an amino acid product that tastes great, and brings something new to the market to help you reach your goals. Utilizing only the best ingredients without added synthetic colors, we created a superior recovery and endurance BCAA superfuel.

    Size: 30 Servings
    Available Flavours: Lemon Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Blast & Orange Mango Twist