Fish Oil has long been hanging around at the top of the health and supplement importance pile. It is used for a wide raft of things that make it a true jack of all trades.

Fish oil is used to lower triglycerides or fat in the blood which has got to be good for ya. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Fish oil is awesome for weight loss as it helps your body to metabolize body fat which is one of the most challenging things it can do. This results in a reduction in body fat.  It can also help increase exercise performance and muscle strength, muscle soreness after exercise.

Lastly, this wondrous supplement is also used in the prevention and treatment of a huge array of chronic diseases and illnesses. These include heart disease, diabetes, and auto immune diseases such as crones as the oil acts as an anti inflammatory.

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    USN Ultra Premium Fish Oil

    USN Ultra Premium Fish Oil 

    –          1000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate

    –          Supports brain, vision, and joint health

    –          No fishy aftertaste

    Size: 90 Caps

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    MusclePharm Fish Oil

    MusclePharm Fish Oil is a must have for anyone hitting the gym or looking for general health and well-being benefits. Fish Oil is an essential fatty acid (EFA) which is essential to our bodies but not always consumed regularly by most people, therefore supplementation is ideal to aid with heart function, reducing body fat, carbohydrate breakdown, joint health and much more!


    Flavours: Unflavoured

    Sizes: 90 Servings

    Strengths: Heart Function, Weight Loss, Health & Well-Being