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Please note: We are currently experiencing significant shipping delays
Please note: We are currently experiencing significant shipping delays

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Supplements are a tangible representation of ones Desire To Progress, it shows that you aim to improve both physically and mentally.

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What We Do

We deliver premium supplements for radical prices. Something that's really important to us is product quality and making sure you're getting the cleanest and most advanced products in the game. This is why we source our product exlusively from the most reputable supplier in the game (Nutrition Systems). Nutrition Systems not only bring in the best brands in the world but they do an amazing job at helping those brands tailor make best possible formulas and products for the New Zealand Market.

 Photo: Muscle X CEO - Kale Daly

Our Story

In 2017 we started Muscle X to disrupt the outdated models of the supplement industry. Empowered by the desire to progress and innovate But with no money and no connections we new we had a challenge on our hands.

First we started with just Kale learning how to build websites and then next was our creative director, Trent, who dropped out of university to join Muscle X (much to his parents dismay, LOL). Now today with more staff including a General Manager Ben, with in-house development, content creation and the best brands in the world we're able to innovate and remain on the forefront of pushing the supplement industry to new levels. Above all else, we create the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission: to inspire you to always have the desire to progress in every aspect of your life.

Our Content

Early on in Muscle X we knew to create the brand we want to create we had to be strong in producing content. Since then is has become a big part of our the way we do things. Not only do we love doing it but it allows to create something meaningful and build something the can grow beyond just the standard realms of the supplement industry.

The MX Rep Program

A Big part of our business model is our ambassador program or the Muscle X Rep program. The Rep program was made with the purpose of allowing more people within the fitness industry to join the Muscle X movement. Unlike other ambassador programs in the industry our MX Reps earn real money commission and on top of that if the performance is good they also have the potential to receive monthly product allocation and/or paid monthly retainers.